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Bulk Sand Nozzle- Designed to quickly draw sand and 1/2 inch material. Bedrock (classifier) nozzle- filters sticks and leaves and gets just the sand #8 and smaller. Hand dredge itself is 36 inches long before attaching any nozzle; 8 inch extension is included giving you even more reach! Hand dredge can NOT ship to a PO Box.

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Home Made Dredge Plans and Photos. Saved by Matt Tripp. 51. Water Saving Gardening Rose Gold Phone How To Plan Learning Logo Online Education Prospecting Gold …

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Jul 28, 2011· Nozzle: Here's an easy project: really all you need is a piece of pipe about 10 inches long and of the right diameter to fit in your dredge hose. Simply take one end of the pipe and saw cut the pipe about every quarter inch. Take a hammer and gently tap the pieces down to form a cone on the tip.

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DredgeNZ online shop sources and supplies mining products and accessories from overseas manufacturers. Buy online - Gold Panning & Gold Dredge Supplies. Gold Dredge Specialists in New Zealand – Gold Panning, Detecting and Mining Equipment for Beginners and Professionals.

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Release a dredge boat into the water near your dock. Maneuver the boat to the area you wish to dredge and connect the suction hose to the dump truck. Step 3 Release the suction hose into the water and turn the pump on. For large open water areas, you may have to empty the dump truck several times. Tip.

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A dredge that is designed to work with the sluice on a stand, in shallow water, is almost always equipped with a suction nozzle. If you are using a high banker dredge combo with multiple uses you can also purchase the power jet and suction nozzle so that it can be used with either configuration depending on the application.


gold dredge plans - 1.5 inch. 1.5 inch Suction Dredge with 2.5 HP gas pump - gold mining equipment. The JOBE 1 1/2 inch dredge is designed around the JOBE 48 inch Yellow Jacket stream sluice. The JOBE adjustable 4 leg stand and the JOBE Dredge Header Box are attached to the sluice. Powered by a 2.5 horse power, 4-cycle, gasoline pump.

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The dredge is designed to pump a lot of water along with the sediment to ensure that everything come out of the discharge hose smoothly. Whether your a commercial service provider, private contractor, municipality, or individual home owner the "DIY" dredge will help allow you to effectively renew any body of water.

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The gravity powered dredge works on the same principle as a syphon, that is, that the weight of water in the pipe down hill (at a height below the suction end) creates a negative pressure in the pipe that pulls the water and the gold bearing sand a gravel through the nozzle, down the tube, and delivers it to the sluice.

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There is a fairly new method of mining out there in the mining community that is rapidly gaining in popularity, with good reason. It is called "Vacking;" and, as you might suppose, involves vacuuming material.. As a suction dredge vacuums material from the bottom of the river, this is a type of dry-land dredging. It involves using a small, lightweight unit to vacuum cracks and …

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May 27, 2017 - Some more field demo's of the Hydro-Force 250. The only hand held, dry land dredge nozzle.


The new GOLD BUDDY Floating Back Pack Gold Dredge with Suction Nozzle weighs as little as just 65 pounds (depending on configuration). The 40 inch long flared aluminum sluice is detachable and is designed as a natural gold trap starting 10 inches wide and flared to 17 inches wide at the end.

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Vortxrex Professional Grade Highbanking Gold Dredge Mining Nozzles. July 8 ·. One of the persisting mysteries surrounding the valuable metal is why is it always found around arsenic, as the case with most gold deposits - and a new study could finally explain why. sciencetimes.com.

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Sep 29, 2008· Some more field demo's of the Hydro-Force 250. The only hand held, dry land dredge nozzle.

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The club members may even let you have a few minutes behind the nozzle so that you can get a feel for the whole experience. The more general knowledge you have about dredges before you begin your design, the better your construction plans will be. Sometimes good used dredge parts are available to start a homemade dredge.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2" Dry-lander Suction Nozzle Gold Dredge Sluice Highbanker Hydro Dry Pan at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! get Tanner. gold recovery. …

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Two Pro-Mack 5-inch dredges were used to find rich deposits on this river in Cambodia, before a 10-inch production dredge was brought on line.. As an example of this, a 4-inch dredge can effectively sample down to around 4-feet deep in hard-packed streambed material). A 5-inch dredge can excavate about twice the volume of a 4-inch dredge down to around 5-feet of …

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The Proline was the first 2" dredge with this feature. Due to recent changes in the pump and jetting system on this dredge, the suction power has dramatically increased. This increase in power led to a new classifier with a riffle system that produces a more effective low pressure vortex behind the riffles themselves, improving fine gold recovery.

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Sep 20, 2015· I've been asked a lot about my hand suction dredges lately. So I decided to do a brief instructional video on how to build one. The are very inexpensive to b...

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The DIY-Dredger has been sold in the Nordic Countries for many years and there are now more than 1500 happy owners all over the world.The DIY-Dredge is a compact, highly portable, gasoline engine powered, sediment removal pumping system. It is designed to provide the homeowner and contractors with the ability to excavate and transfer unwanted sediment.

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The Proline 6" dredge was designed to be strong, powerful and efficient. It looks quite similar to our 5"twin. The pontoons are larger to support the additional weight and performance of the larger unit. We use thicker plastic to ensure years of service. The framework bolts together just like the 5" but it is a more robust design.

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2.5" Power Jet with 1.5" Straight. code: pj25. This Power Jet has an outside diameter of 2.5 inches which fits inside the Keene 2.5 inch suction hose. The Jet utilizes a 1.5 inch pressure hose and pump intake coupling. Equips with our 2500 model …